Identity Theft

Identify theft has become more pervasive in today’s digital world than ever before. Each year, identify theft affects over 15 million people a year and causes over $50 billion in damages. From stealing credit cards to using personal information to fraudulently open up new accounts, identity thieves have a variety of illegal ways to take advantage of innocent people – and not only steal from them, but potentially wreck their credit for years to come.

Fighting identity theft requires the help of an experienced expert, like the identity fraud lawyers at Kirby Johnson. While we can’t always help you by getting restitution from the identity thief himself, we can help by working with companies and organizations that are required by the law to assist identity theft victims. These include banks, credit card companies, and credit reporting agencies.

What we do is force these organizations to obey the law and give you the assistance to which you are legally entitled. We look after your best interests to mitigate as much of the damage as possible, while also protecting your credit. We help you find restitution under Alabama identity theft law. And we help you fight back – period.

To take the next step, talk to our identity fraud lawyers in Alabama, and consult with them on your case.

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